Monday, March 17, 2014


I have encountered two problems. The second resolved itself and I am hoping for the same for the first!

Sister Alitura finally sent me to Minmitar space and yay! It was Hek she sent me to, and I love the place. First, Minmatar space is just beautiful, with the red nebulae. Secondly Hek is where I started trading 6 years ago, and where I made my first few millions. Hek was where I made my first corporation, and where I had my first pvp encounter and where I made so many new friends. Lots of wonderful, and some painful memories!

The problem was that when I checked in with the agent at Hek, the mission with Sister Alitura did not complete. When I try and 'Read Details' for the mission, nothing pops open, and the mission continues to shows itself in the journal as 'accepted'. This has continued even after completing a series of missions around Hek and moving on to Amarr space. How this will eventually impact the arc, I do not know, but am hoping that going and talking to the Sister may sort it out. In the meantime, I am far away doing courier work for someone's "Lord", and trying to win over their confidence.

The second problem seemed like an arc-breaker, but I was delighted to find that the mission arc is pretty idiot-proof. I was supposed to collect an engineer out of a habitat, but the guy said no. So up pops a window where the agent says to scare the guy by firing a couple of volleys at him. As I activated the module, I got distracted (by one of those Minmatar babes), and before I knew it the habitat was lost! I panicked and rushed towards the container I noticed in the area, and in the process managed to somehow shoot another couple of volleys at it! Within seconds there was nothing left, and with the mission objective destroyed I had no hopes left either. I had thoughts of now trying this arc after another 3 months, but the agent did not notice the missing engineer for some reason and let me complete the mission.

Even though there is that pending issue with Sister Alitura, I am continuing to mission in Amarr space. 

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