Friday, March 14, 2014

The Hawk

A courier mission
So I got sick of the namby pamby missions, and even though the agent told me not to, I engaged a large number of frigates during a mission and had some fun. The ship (Hawk) is really cool. With the MWD on constantly, it is cap stable at 66%, and speed alone is enough to tank lots of frigates. Also tried the Javelin T2 rockets which have a range of 20km. Most frigates require just one burst, though due to the really fast rate of fire, by the time they reach the target, another volley has been discharged and ends up wasted. Totally worth it, as the rocket effects are just superb.
Engaging, against advice!

After a short stint behind enemy (Caldari) lines, I am back to the start system (Arnon) with the Sister Alitura, whose giving me these courier missions that I hate.

Some action!
Another courier mission

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